Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where can i notice the change?

Let me give you some real incidents which we face everyday in our life.
Let us imagine that you are attending a party at your friends house. He got a pet Dog (Jacky). Now, if you notice, we will see that each one of your friends who are gathered there are behaving in a different way with Jacky. Some one will give a hug and take him to their lap and some other will tell your friend that “if you didn’t lock him I can’t enter in to the house!” and there will be some neutral guys they will never go near Jacky, but they have no objection for him moving around.

This is just one example, everyday in our life we come across plenty of incidents in which we see that each individual reacts in a different way to the same incident! Did you ever think the reason behind this? For the universe the incident seems to be same but for different personalities the impact is different.
Now, take this as an assignment. Just observe what is happening around you.

1. Announce some news to a group of people and observe the way each of them reacts.
2. Observe the way they react when the manager/management give a new job/responsibility.
I am sure that you will have plenty of incidents everyday that you will notice that each individual reacts in their own unique way.

Now we have understood that or verified that the reaction to the same incident for different people is different. Why?

We notice that some people always excel in whatever they do in their life! Why?

“What is the real difference that makes the difference?” This curiosity is the driving force behind NLP. NLP has the answer to the HOW.

“How can I change my life to make the difference” Let’s get started.

Ebin John.

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  1. ingane oru sambhavam njan ippazha kande. nannyittundu