Monday, March 2, 2009

The biggest blocker for self improvement

We all are becoming slaves to technology. Our dependency to technology has increased tremendously. We can't leave without a mobile phone, laptop, Television, Internet, Ipod etc.
Earlier we used to remember the phone numbers of our dear ones. Now we have everything saved in our mobile or in the laptop, we don't remember them. When we lose the the mobile, what will we do? I don't even remember my home telephone number!!!

Eventually we stop using our brain. We become slaves to technology. We don't believe in any simple techniques, we need highly complex, technically advanced, sophisticated things. Whatever technology give us we are still unhappy. We always thriving to achieve something else, but we are not happy rather we are not enjoying our present. Where are we going?

We have opportunities floating around us. We have the capability to change our life, We have the ability to bring back the happiness. We, human animals, can do wonders with our own life, BUT we should decided to do so. We should realize the problem we are in. We are not late. The sooner the better.

Now i am going to reveal the techniques which helped me. This is neither complex nor sophisticated solution ( Most of the people need highly complicated or sophisticated techniques, other wise they don't believe in those). It worked for me, it worked for many around me and plenty around the world as well. It may work for you as well. No harm in giving a try.

Ebin John.

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