Thursday, March 5, 2009

How does it happen?

If you start observing people, as I mentioned earlier, you would have noticed the differences between individuals, in reacting to the same incident. Now we are trying to find out why the difference exists in the first place!
Each of us receives information through our 5 sensors (Eye, Ear, Nose, Skin, tongue). These 5 are the physical sensors and we have 5 more sensors internally. All these 5 sensors will get the input information and will pass it to our brain through our internal filters. So this filter will alter the information the way it is constructed and pass it to the brain. Brain will process this and the information is reached and will be converted to useful information. The same is the case for internal sensors also. When we imagine or visualize some thing, the input will pass through the same filters to the brain. The brain cannot make out whether the information is real or imaginary.

The process works in this way. For instance take the example of our EYE. Whenever we see something/somebody, we take a screen shot of that and send it to the filter. It is just a raw image. The filters then process the image, with all the similar information available to it from our faith and experiences. Then this will be passed to the brain. The brain then does an image analysis and does face recognition and the necessary operations and convert it to information. This final out put information is the data which our conscious mind will work on. This is the information which we perceive from the image or from the scene. So the final information is the result of the processing happened in the filter and then in the brain which makes use of all the information’s which is stored in our brain or our past experiences or believes.

The change/difference starts there. From childhood we have learned that few things are not correct and few things are correct. When we start responding to those suggestions, or when we start believing each one of those, that will be added as a criteria in our filter. So we start conditioning our brain. Eventually we will create filters in our brain which creates a pattern about each thing/incident/people. So this filter/information works very closely with our brain when we process information (as explained earlier). Whenever we process any information, the information will first pass through the filters. Eventually this information will turn in to our feeling or experience.

From the circumstances one groomed from, can create different filters in them, that eventually turn out to be a differentiator for each individual in perceiving things.

Now it is pretty evident that why different people will have different feeling or experience on the same incident.

The fact is that every individual create this filter according to his/her circumstances and information available. End of the day each one will have a unique filter that will give then a unique experience for each incident.

Ebin John.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where can i notice the change?

Let me give you some real incidents which we face everyday in our life.
Let us imagine that you are attending a party at your friends house. He got a pet Dog (Jacky). Now, if you notice, we will see that each one of your friends who are gathered there are behaving in a different way with Jacky. Some one will give a hug and take him to their lap and some other will tell your friend that “if you didn’t lock him I can’t enter in to the house!” and there will be some neutral guys they will never go near Jacky, but they have no objection for him moving around.

This is just one example, everyday in our life we come across plenty of incidents in which we see that each individual reacts in a different way to the same incident! Did you ever think the reason behind this? For the universe the incident seems to be same but for different personalities the impact is different.
Now, take this as an assignment. Just observe what is happening around you.

1. Announce some news to a group of people and observe the way each of them reacts.
2. Observe the way they react when the manager/management give a new job/responsibility.
I am sure that you will have plenty of incidents everyday that you will notice that each individual reacts in their own unique way.

Now we have understood that or verified that the reaction to the same incident for different people is different. Why?

We notice that some people always excel in whatever they do in their life! Why?

“What is the real difference that makes the difference?” This curiosity is the driving force behind NLP. NLP has the answer to the HOW.

“How can I change my life to make the difference” Let’s get started.

Ebin John.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The matter which matters

NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming). Detailed history can found in wiki ( ). I shall tell you about the results, not the history.
To set the background right,

We are observing every day that some people will excel in whatever they do. For some, it is the other way around, they fail in whatever they do. As Shiv Khera says, "Winners don't do different things, they do things differently." But how? What is the difference?
I have one answer to this question ( There are many, and this is one among them), NLP.
NLP have different methods and models to understand how people think, behave and learn. It gives flexible methods to bring a positive, immediate and a sustainable change in individuals and everyone around them.

So Neuro Linguistic Programming reveals the fundamental connection and affection between our mind, our language and our behavior. The more we understand the relation the easy it is to bring a positive change in our life. So briefly we have a "user manual for our brain".

Ebin John.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The biggest blocker for self improvement

We all are becoming slaves to technology. Our dependency to technology has increased tremendously. We can't leave without a mobile phone, laptop, Television, Internet, Ipod etc.
Earlier we used to remember the phone numbers of our dear ones. Now we have everything saved in our mobile or in the laptop, we don't remember them. When we lose the the mobile, what will we do? I don't even remember my home telephone number!!!

Eventually we stop using our brain. We become slaves to technology. We don't believe in any simple techniques, we need highly complex, technically advanced, sophisticated things. Whatever technology give us we are still unhappy. We always thriving to achieve something else, but we are not happy rather we are not enjoying our present. Where are we going?

We have opportunities floating around us. We have the capability to change our life, We have the ability to bring back the happiness. We, human animals, can do wonders with our own life, BUT we should decided to do so. We should realize the problem we are in. We are not late. The sooner the better.

Now i am going to reveal the techniques which helped me. This is neither complex nor sophisticated solution ( Most of the people need highly complicated or sophisticated techniques, other wise they don't believe in those). It worked for me, it worked for many around me and plenty around the world as well. It may work for you as well. No harm in giving a try.

Ebin John.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Awareness that can change your life

I tried many things to change me! Change my habits, the way i approach problems, way i approach people... I wanted to make it perfect, but nothing sustained.

If i try one thing today, i forget that tomorrow and i will come back to the good old way of doing things. This happens 90% of the times. But now i have something which can make me stay there and change my habits, change the thought pattern, change ME and more importantly it will allow me to sustain in that state of mind.

Are you exited to know, what can trigger a change in you? what can help you to understand yourself better? What can make you a better person, better employee, better family man, better citizen.

If you are not exited, please do not read further, it is not for you. It is for people who want get better and better in their life.


Ebin John.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NLP to you

One of the difficult question, How can i change the world? Some people say, "Change yourself". Yes, changing me for a good cause may help.

Here i want to share the new changes which really changed me and the world around me. What is it? Yes, It is NLP , Neuro Linguistic Programming.